Community Outreach

Through our Community Outreach Programme, Flexible Community Care is able to provide and facilitate access to a wide range of project based activities and services to advance our social value objectives. Our Community outreach goal is to promote active citizenship for the elderly and vulnerable adults so that they are better able to enjoy a fulfilling and enabling quality of life.

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We also believe that sustained purposeful community participation enriches the lives and wellbeing of those at risk of loneliness and isolation and can significantly contribute to their positive experience and outcomes including:

  • Increased access and awareness of existing support and service opportunities
  • Less elderly and vulnerable adults at risk of living in isolation
  • Increased frequency and opportunities for regular civic participation
  • More provisions and access to physical exercise
  • Improved physical, mental and social wellbeing
  • Reduction in unplanned hospital visits
  • Better attention to carer welfare and motivation
  • More elderly and vulnerable adults able to voice their needs and rights
  • Greater understanding and awareness of risks related to safeguarding
  • Less elderly and vulnerable adults exposed to abuse, harm and neglect
  • Improved levels and frequency of personal activity
  • Increased enjoyment of better quality of life and wellbeing
  • Increased feeling of independence, empowerment and being in control
  • Increased opportunities for social contact with friends and things happening in the neighbourhood