Directors Message

Welcome to Flexible Community Care - the providers of quality home care and community support for the elderly and other vulnerable adults living in London.

We are a Community Interest Company registered with Companies House and the Care Quality Commission to provide personal care and support for people who are vulnerable due to age, illness, mental health or physical disability.

We bring on board a wealth of practical leadership and management experience in social care gained over years of practical hands on care work with the elderly and vulnerable adults in various domiciliary and community settings. We also pride ourselves of empowering and enriching several elderly and vulnerable people’s lives over the years in ways which positively transformed their wellbeing and quality of life.

That is why at Flexible community Care we envision a society in which the elderly and vulnerable people’s care and support experience is enabling, fulfilling and positively enriches their quality of life and wellbeing.

That is also why our mission is to deliver reliable, consistent and dependable home care and elderly community support which appropriately responds to their needs, wishes and values.

That is why the values and principles which guide and shape our vision and mission espouse and promote respect and dignity, inclusiveness, integrity, person centred care, flexibility and accountability.

Overall, our strategic aim is to provide quality home care for the elderly and other vulnerable adults so that they are better able to live independently and enjoy a good quality of life; to support their carers so that they are better able to deliver a safe, compassionate and caring service as well as enjoy a fulfilling career. Equally important, as an adult social care provider “in care for good cause” we also aim to continually plough back and reinvest our surplus to improve and increase the scope, scale and quality of our services.

We will know we are making progress when more and more of those we provide care and support feel safer and less socially isolated; experience positive care outcomes; feel empowered to voice their needs and enjoy unfettered access to services and support; and are served by, competent, caring and compassionate carers.

If you share our vision and values and are equally passionate about the wellbeing and care of the elderly and vulnerable adults why not become a Supporter and help make their service sustainable, safer and more secure.

Thank you
Board of Directors