Our Aims and Objectives

At Flexible Community Care our aims focus on three key themes: the provision of quality Home Care; the development and support of the carers; and the promotion of active citizenship for the elderly and vulnerable people.

Our first aim is to provide quality person centred Home Care for people who are vulnerable due to age, illness, mental health and physical disability so that they are better able live independently and enjoy a good quality of life.

Our second aim is to provide our carers with the support and training they need so that they are better able to deliver a safe and reliable service to the vulnerable people they care for as well as fulfill and enjoy their caring role.

Our third aim is to promote and maintain active citizenship for vulnerable people through participation in community activities so that they are better able to enjoy a fulfilling and enabling quality of life. Flexible Community Care is committed to achieving these aims in a number of ways including:

  • providing a 24/7 homecare and support service that ably responds to the needs, wishes and preferences of our service users;
  • providing information, advice and advocacy that empowers the elderly and vulnerable to better their welfare and wellbeing as well as remain safe from abuse, harm or neglect;
  • empowering our service users to exercise and enjoy their rights, have a voice and gain or regain and maintain their independence;
  • promoting and supporting those living in or at risk of living in isolation to establish and maintain social contact with family and friends, and the wider community;
  • providing and promoting innovative opportunities for improving their nutrition and hydration and participation in regular exercise that improves their mental and physical wellbeing;
  • Supporting the carers to deliver consistent, reliable and dependable care that is compassionate, caring and safe.