Social value

As a community interest company, Flexible Community Care is driven by a social agenda directed at achieving positive outcomes for the elderly and vulnerable adults who benefit from our services. This includes among many other things:

  • Promoting volunteering for and by the elderly
  • Providing and facilitating access to a range of Living Well activities which address needs such as nutrition, hydration, regular physical exercise and mental wellbeing..
  • Support and promoting companionship and social interaction such as befriending which can help to tackles and alleviate problems of isolation and loneliness experienced by some elderly and vulnerable adults.
  • Bereavement support and counselling to cope with grief and trauma
  • Seniors employability and active citizenship
  • Carers support, skills development and employment advice.
  • Helpline and information, advice and support services
  • Advocacy which empowers and build capacity of the elderly to voice their needs, engage with service providers and to raise awareness about their pressing needs and issues
  • Share news, learning and experience (Elderly Community Matters Quarterly Newsletter)
  • Develop and promote Action Learning opportunities for Carer, volunteers and their Managers
  • As part of our social-value agenda we are committed to being a living wage employer. At Flexible Community Care we recognise that it makes good business sense, helps to attract quality carers and good for society. That is why we are in care for good cause.